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Animated PixelArt NFT collectibles in C64 PETSCII codes

Our Work

Each owly is unique. Hand-crafted (or rather mouse-crafted) without the need of any algorithm boost. Don't expect to see 10.000 owlys almost identical one another. This collection is one of a kind.

PixASCII project was born in September 2021 from the creator Mattia. Determined to create unique PixelArt characters, he developed a little animated pixel owly. He then decided to include ASCII codes to imprint specific traits and unique shapes to the little owlys. With Daniele and Paolo joining the team, the project headed to tribute the most iconic characters of the world, mantaining some of the distinctive features of the owly.



Supporting Artist & Creative Director

Engineer. Martial arts & fitness enthusiast, inventor of some of the craziest characters that will never join the metaverse


Leading Artist & Founder

Engineer. Painter & photographer, mastermind of the PixASCII project. Spends most of his nights dreaming the Promise Land 


Content Manager & Creative Director

Economics graduate. Food enthusiast, addicted to movies, TV series and music. Always pushing the artists to their limits

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Successful Launch

The team cheers with a couple of beers

200 Sold

Pizza time in Naples!

1.000 Sold

First model car to place on the desk

5.000 Sold

Try to take over the world!

10.000 Sold


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